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Argo Navis Ltd. has been examining the newly introduced technology and complications of the Ballast Water Management Systems. Both the technology and its complications, in its present status, together with the continuous development and the uncertain local regulations, have led us to the decision to launch a series of concise newsletters, this being the first relating to the BWMS developments, which we hope will contribute to the systems clarification. We would be happy to answer any question on the contents of it or any other related issue... more
With reference to the Revised MARPOL Annex VI that entered into force on 1 July 2010, another approved method as per Regulation 13.7 is now available. Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to explain the applicability of the various approved methods (AMs). For more details, click here
The IMO MEPC met for its 62nd session 11 – 15 July in London. Amongst the extensive number of items on the agenda CO2 emissions was the most complicated issue for the Committee to address. For more details, click here
CARB has advised that the California Maritime Academy (CMA) was contracted to evaluate issues associated with the implementation of the CARB ship fuel regulation. While most vessel operators are successfully complying with the regulation without incident, some operators have reported operational difficulties that may be related to fuel switching from heavy fuel oil to distillate fuel.
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The EPA has advised that the subject electronic reporting system is now available. For each vessel covered by the VGP program, the owner/operator is required to submit a “one time” report between 30 and 36 months after obtaining a permit for discharges incidental to the normal operation of the vessel. For vessels that obtained coverage on or before 19 September 2009, the “one time” report is due by 6 February 2012.
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Lloyd’s Register hosted their third annual Technology Days event, this year held on board HMS Belfast in the Pool of London, under the broad theme of ‘safety, economy of operation and the environment’. This event, gave an opportunity to present on a wide range of technical activities.
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Argo Navis Ltd. availed many working hours and invested intensive efforts on gathering and evaluating information regarding the availability of Water Ballast Management Systems (BWMS) in the market. Argo Navis Ltd. is now ready to provide and present to potential clients full support for .... more

Argonavis marine Consulting & Engineering

Argo Navis Ltd. newest field of activity has been the large yachts industry. Argo Navis Ltd. have been contracted to represent the Owners of two 50m yachts which are under construction in Perama – Greece area by attending all activities related with the project and provide Owners’ .... more

Argonavis marine Consulting & Engineering

Argo Navis Ltd. latest newbuildings’ plan approval project undertaken is the 2 x1000 TEU DAE SUN (Korea) containerships on behalf of the vessels’ future Piraeus based managers Cosmoship. DAE SUN is a small but expanding Korean Shipyard with whom Argo Navis Ltd. had fruitful co-operation ... more

Argonavis marine Consulting & Engineering
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