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Andreas Zontanos, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, NTUA

Andreas, one of the founders of ARGO NAVIS Ltd., holds a M.Sc. Degree in Precision Engineering Metrology by Cranfield University, Cranfield, UK.  Before establishing ARGO NAVIS, he has worked in consulting firms as junior and later senior consultant, in two (2) Greek ship management companies as superintendent engineer, led on-site newbuilding supervision teams in two (2) bulk carrier newbuilding projects in Croatia and China for Greek ship-owners and worked as an independent engineer conducting surveys and supervising conversions and repair works.

Andreas Kokkotos, Mechanical Engineer, NTUA

Andreas, co-founder of ARGO NAVIS Ltd., has worked from 1998 until 2005 as a superintendent engineer in two (2) Greek ship owning companies, with fleets of tankers and chemical carriers and participated in on-site newbuilding supervision in two (2) tankers newbuilding projects in Croatia for Greek ship-owners. From 2006 until 2008 he worked as an independent Engineer conducting pre-purchase, vessel condition and damage surveys, new buildings sea trials supervision for various types of vessels and participated in tanker single to double hull conversion studies and plan approvals of various types of vessels.

Marios Gerardis, Naval Architect

Marios is a senior naval architect who worked ten (10) years as a design engineer as well as for more than four (4) years as an appraisal surveyor in the Technical Department of Hellenic Register of Shipping. He is a naval architecture and 3D design software experienced user, in charge of the engineering studies of ARGO NAVIS Ltd. His as above expertise did not prevent him from having field experience of onsite inspections and surveys.

Giorgos Koutroumpas, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, NTUA

Giorgos has wide knowledge in 3D design software and experience with 3D drawings development in the mega yacht engineering and outfitting. His field experience is in the supervision of mega yacht projects (new building and extensive refurbishment projects) having worked as a member of such projects supervision teams for 3 years in Perama, Greece.

Tasos Paneras, Mechanical Engineer

Tasos is a junior engineer who was born professionally with ARGO NAVIS where he started working and he still does, supporting all engineering projects with 2D drawings as well as being already an experienced 3D laser scan operator.

Yiannis Alevropoulos, Naval Architect

Yiannis is, similarly to Tasos, an Engineer who joined ARGO NAVIS when graduated – and has progressed to become a valuable member of our Team in the office while he has already commenced to act as a 3D laser scanner operator.

Dimitrios Schizas, Mechanical Engineer, UoPatras

Dimitrios, a Mechanical Engineer with postgraduate studies on LNG use in marine and power plants applications in NTUA’s Electrical Engineering faculty, has joined ARGO NAVIS as a junior Engineer for mechanical and structural engineering work in terms of the environmental projects which are presently in progress. Also, he will be a valuable asset for ARGO NAVIS when projects for LNG as marine fuel will commence to materialize.

Giorgos – Theodoros Spanos, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, NTUA

Giorgos, an Engineer with marine engineering working experience and advanced software knowledge, has joined ARGO NAVIS to strengthen the team of BWMS engineering and 3D design with his enthusiasm and skills.

Vickie Boutsali, Mechanical Engineer, NTUA, MSc

Vickie, graduated the Mechanical Engineering faculty of NTUA and received a Master degree in Naval and Marine Technology and Science from the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, NTUA. She joined ARGO NAVIS in order to staff the design team and expand the team’s capacity and her capabilities.

Ioannis Oikonomidis, Electronic Engineer, MEng, MPhil

Ioannis, with Electronic and Electronic Control Engineering academic background, including MEng from University of Hull and an MPhil from Leicester, has recent professional experience in the Offshore industry as a Drilling Data Engineer and will undertake the electronic integration design for ARGO NAVIS engineering studies. In the retrofit implementation stage, Ioannis will on-site supervise the electrical and electronic / automation works and is expected to potentially participate or undertake commissioning and testing tasks on behalf of equipment makers.

Petros Bountalis, Electrical Engineer, AUoT

Petros, an experienced Electrical Engineer, with more than ten years design and on-site experience of marine project, i.e. newbuilding and retrofit projects of mega-yachts and passenger vessels, taken place in Greece, joined ARGO NAVIS in order to lead the electrical part of design of the engineering projects. Also, Petros will on-site supervise the electrical and electronic / automation works and is expected to potentially participate or undertake commissioning and testing tasks on behalf of equipment makers.

Fani Maniki, Mechanical Engineer NTUA, MSc

Fani joined ARGO NAVIS after her postgraduate studies on fluid mechanics in Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, as an engineering project engineer.

Dimitrios - Ioannis Kalfas, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, NTUA

Dimitrios has professional experience with piping engineering and 3D design. He has joined ARGO NAVIS, with the crucial role to optimize the engineering tools and methods for the successful and efficient accomplishment of the highly demanding environmental projects in progress and yet to come.

Maximos – Ioannis Katsidimas, Naval Architect, Offshore and Marine Engineer, BEng, MSc, AMRINA

Maximos has commenced his professional career as an apprentice Class plan approval engineer as well as a Class surveyor trainee and joined ARGO NAVIS to strengthen the design and engineering team while he is eager to attend onboard survey and onsite supervision tasks.

Helena Botric & Amalia Vogkli are our administration department staff members, having past experience in similar positions with Mrs. Botric having served as an administrator for a newbuilding supervision team for 3 years. They are joined by Spyros Gouvas, IT supporting part-time officer, whose contribution to ARGO NAVIS smooth operation is essential.

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