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Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) Overview

ARGO NAVIS MARINE CONSULTING & ENGINEERING LTD. is already involved in techno-economic studies for EGCS projects which have driven Owners to consider installation of such systems on the vessels of their fleet based on the calculated future profit margins.

  • Review of information and preparation of a technical and commercial evaluation of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems being represented in the Greek market. After Client’s authorization, ARGO NAVIS will request specific technical documentation for the candidate vessel and arrange meetings with all suppliers and / or their agents in Greece, in order to gather all necessary technical and economic data.
  • State of technology development
  • System’s description and details
  • Efficacy results
  • Environmental impact evaluations
  • Plant physical size and integration with existing arrangement and systems
  • Evaluation of installation’s feasibility
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Workload and effect to current manning

An analysis will be developed to provide the ship operator with the key variables that impact cost, and key uncertainties that will have a substantial impact on potential project’s budget. A customized analysis is set up for each ship Operator for their own ship or fleet. This analysis consists of the following parts for the candidate ship:

  • Base line calculation: Includes one ship and one route combination (one baseline ship/route), which is analyzed to highlight the impacts of fuel quantity consumed in a SECA zone.
  • Technology / Supplier cost differences: Four different scrubber technologies and all the available suppliers are analyzed in respect of the impact of capital and operating expenses.
  • Uncertainty / Sensitivity factors: There are various factors that can neither predicted nor controlled, like fuel future prices, inflation, ECA fuel consumption volume etc. On a case by case scenario, the baseline ship/route can be modified as agreed and deemed necessary by the Client / Operator.
  • Analysis results: investment payback time in relation with minimum annual fuel consumption inside SECA zone for the period of the selected life cycle.

EGCS Projects

ARGO NAVIS has been assigned and performed techno-economical studies for the following companies: ...more

ARGO NAVIS MARINE CONSULTING & ENGINEERING in collaboration with UNITED NAVAL ARCHITECTS has completed survey and 3D laser scanning for installation of Exhaust Gas Cleaning System on board m/t “MINERVA LIBRA”, an 116779 DWT Oil Tanker. ...more

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