BWTS RETROFITS: Time to plan

In the previous years, we have very often proposed modestly to our Clients that the best policy towards dealing with the BWTS retrofit challenge would be the preparation for decision – but the decision itself has never proven to be an urgency. On the action side, the least we were proposing was the survey and 3D scanning of the ships to be taken care in order to timely take place in convenient ports, during ships’ idling, when in a repair period, considering that the cost of the survey will be the minimum possible. As a result, when needed, the basic material for starting the process for the BWTS retrofit would be available in our and our Client’s library.

Now that almost all shipping is moving ahead with the BWTS retrofit, the next step is to be taken at the soonest no matter when the first ship retrofit will take place. And that next step is the evaluation of the available systems and the preliminary selection of the preferable one.

Very soon, the most successful of the Makers will be overloaded. Similarly, all parties involved, Engineering Companies, the Classification Societies and the Shipyards will be occupied with ongoing projects, preparation for confirmed orders, and with a significant backlog of pending issues and delayed tasks.

There is no “early” planning any more:

  • For those with retrofits in 2018, it is already too late…

  • For those with retrofits in the first half of 2019, it is the time to order the system, for those in the second half of the year, it is the time to choose the system and plan in detail the retrofit project. No working hour spent for planning would be in vain, since the retrofit project is a difficult and expensive exercise. Please remember that from September 2019, ALL ships with IOPP renewal will be obliged to install a BWTS.

  • For those with the first retrofit project in 2020, planning is necessary because a flood of installations is expected, and it will be the crash test year for the industry. Selection of the system and careful preparation of each and every step is required.

  • In case the first retrofit project is in 2021 and afterwards, decision makers should closely follow the news from the retrofits and try to take advantage of the experience which would be gained by then – almost three years with retrofits. The opportunity for good results (cost effective selection, optimized installation design and engineering and minimum – if any – prolongation of the DD period) would be too big to ignore or miss.

Join us, we are full of useful experiences and ideas for the best planning of your retrofit projects. Give us the opportunity to serve your plans and assist you in grasping the best opportunities for successful retrofits.

With close to 200 ship surveys & 3D scans, hundreds of studies, more than 30 installations based on our studies and under our supervision, we are looking for meeting you and planning the way ahead for the BWTS retrofits.

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