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In the previous years, we have very often proposed modestly to our Clients that the best policy towards dealing with the BWTS retrofit challenge would be the preparation for decision – but the decision itself has never proven to be an urgency. more

We have started working with the scrubbers’ retrofit project since 2014, before the scrubbers’ project fall in hibernation for about three years...more

Last December, ALFA LAVAL PureBallast 3.1 500 was installed, tested and commissioned on board Vehicles Carrier “MORNING CLASSIC”, during dry docking at COSCO ZHOUSAN Shipyard, China. The duration of installation, testing and commissioning was nine (9) days, marginally but successfully completed within the drydocking period.more

Since June 2016, BWTS have been installed and commissioned on 20 ships in various shipyards worldwide, based on the Class approved documentation, study and supervision performed by ARGOmore

Since last June, 11 BWTS (plus one in 2014) have been installed in various shipyards worldwidemore

ARGO NAVIS announces the installation of BWTS on board existing tanker vessels.more

Following last week’s end of the IMO BWM Convention ratification “saga”, the word “chaos” reappeared in the articles, published in the maritime websites. more

The news for SCF NOVOSHIP choosing a chemical dosing BWTS, circulating widely in the shipping news sites these last daysmore

Thursday, June 9th, 15:30more

Thursday, June 9th, 15:30more

For the Ballast Water Treatment Systems market, the year started with uncertainty and, through numerous (psychological) peaks and valleys, finishes with uncertainty and intense rumors insisting on the IMO Convention’s EIF in November 2016. Those rumors may most probably be verified or disproved before the end of the year.more

ARGO NAVIS received order confirmation for two Ballast Water Treatment Systems’ (BWTS) implementation engineering studies last month and already progresses in the planning and preliminary engineering stages.more

A number of ship-owners have already decided to proceed with the actions required for the future installation of BWTS. In that respect, ARGO NAVIS Ltd. is dynamically present in the market offering a range of services:more

As the ratification of the BWMC is coming closer, increasing number of ship operators are becoming aware of the importance of a timely selection of BWTS and feasibility of its installation onboard their vessels. more

At the beginning of 2013, we, ARGO NAVIS MARINE CONSULTING & ENGINEERING Ltd. have performed our first 3D laser scanning and feasibility study for retrofit of BWTS on board a 52000 DWT bulk carrier more

A lot of ship owners / managers face the challenge of selecting a Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) for their ordered new buildings. The selection of a BWTS is a complicated issue. A techno-economical study is necessary to assess many different parameters, in order to shortlist the BWTS that match the requirements of a vessel’s owner/operator more

The U.S. Coast Guard has updated the list of the Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) accepted for use in US water as Alternate Management Systems (AMS)...more

Completing her sea trials period under ABS survey and flying the Cayman Islands flag, the first newbuilding yacht of the new firm COSMO EXPLORER sailed on Sunday, September 15th to Monaco Yacht Show 2013 more

Argo Navis is already involved in techno-economical studies for EGCS projects which have driven Owners to consider installation of such systems on the vessels of their fleet based on the calculated future profit margins...more

ARGO NAVIS MARINE CONSULTING & ENGINEERING has completed the first engineering study for... more

The IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) held its 65th session from 13 to 17 May 2013... more

The ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) listed in the table below have been accepted for use in... more

As of 1st January 2015, ships trading in emissions control areas (ECAs) will be required to consume fuel with less than 0.1% sulfur content. A ship operator may... more

ARGO NAVIS and SEA TEC ENGINEERING have decided to join forces, in an effort to offer... more

Passed year is marked with some outstanding events connected with the Ballast water treatment and... more

Unfortunately the last proposal to be made to an Owner, in this deeply depressed freight market would be to consider the implementation of the IMO Ballast Water Convection to meet the dates once the convention enters into force and especially to meet the already set dates by USCG. After the ratification of the convention by Denmark on September 11th 2012... more

The IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting, MEPC 64, held in October 2012, discussed several issues related to the Ballast Water Management Convention (BWM Convention)…more

Since last November ARGO NAVIS regularly issued newsletters trying to form most of the questions connected with the selection, installation, performance, control as well as... more

Economics is probably the primary driver... more

The intention of this presentation is to give an account of the engineering complexities...more

Two more IMO Member States have ratified the BWM Convention. One of them is...more

The United States Administration continues establishing their own rules for the protection of the Environment... more

Ballast water is an operational tool to safely sail a vessel. The 2004 IMO BWM Convention... more

In recent years, medium speed dual fuel diesel engines have been chosen to power a number of new LNG carriers in preference to the traditional steam turbine powered propulsion plant arrangements. This has improved operational efficiency and reduced engine room space requirements. more

The Hellenic Joint Branch of I. MAR. E.S.T and R.I.N.A. held a successful conference with guest speaker Andreas Kokkotos...more

There is presently neither a clear picture nor agreed standards for ballast water sampling and testing / analyzing, while the consequences for non-conformance are still unknown. The Convention **Guidelines for ballast water sampling** (G2) requires: more

Ballast tanks are subject to warm and cold water with cycles of wet and dry conditions.This in effect causes a high corrosive environment which has such a negative impact on ballast tank coatings, as to possibly determine the service life of the vessel. more

In recent developments, Trinidad and Tobago, Montenegro and Lebanon ratified the Convention for the Control and Management of ships Ballast Water and Sediments (BWT), bringing the total number of contracting States to 33, controlling 26.46% of the world’s fleet.more

Argo Navis Ltd. has been examining the newly introduced technology and complications of the Ballast Water Management Systems. Both the technology and its complications, in its present status, together with the continuous development and... more

Oslo, February 29, 2012. Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions has completed a comprehensive performance verification program for the Unitor Ballast Water Treatment System (Unitor BWTS). As a result of the evaluation that followed, the company reached the decision to withdraw the current design of the Unitor BWTS from the market... more

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) final rule prohibiting the discharge of all sewage (treated or not) into California marine waters from i) all large passenger vessels of 300 gross tons or greater, and ii) all large oceangoing vessels... more

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) issued a press release stating that it will work with other states to pursue a uniform national ballast water standard that will leave in place the EPA's current standards in New York for the remainder of the EPA's current... more

Smart energy tool to provide substantial fuel savings for environmentally friendly cruise ferry, helping it reach a target of zero marine emissions... more

Knud E. Hansen A/S and joint venture partner ABB have developed a highly fuel efficient 2000 TEU Container Feeder Vessel. The vessel’s main dimensions have been optimised for calling in Bangkok, but the design features will deliver great benefits to operators and the environment on any route...more

With reference to the Revised MARPOL Annex VI that entered into force on 1 July 2010, another approved method as per Regulation 13.7 is now available. Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to explain the applicability of the various approved methods (AMs)... more

The IMO MEPC met for its 62nd session 11 – 15 July in London. Amongst the extensive number of items on the agenda CO2 emissions was the most complicated issue for the Committee to address...more

CARB has advised that the California Maritime Academy (CMA) was contracted to evaluate issues associated with the implementation of the CARB ship fuel regulation. While most vessel operators are successfully complying with the regulation without incident, some operators have reported operational difficulties that may be related to fuel switching from heavy fuel oil to distillate fuel...more

The EPA has advised that the subject electronic reporting system is now available. For each vessel covered by the VGP program, the owner/operator is required to submit a “one time” report between 30 and 36 months after obtaining a permit for discharges incidental to the normal operation of the vessel. For vessels that obtained coverage on or before 19 September 2009, the “one time” report is due by 6 February 2012.... more

Lloyd’s Register hosted their third annual Technology Days event, this year held on board HMS Belfast in the Pool of London, under the broad theme of ‘safety, economy of operation and the environment’. This event, gave an opportunity to present on a wide range of technical activities... more

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Argo Navis Ltd. has been performing engineering studies for one finally selected system per vessel, based on available documentation and onboard survey results. ... more

Argo Navis Ltd. has been performing feasibility studies for retrofitting installation of pre-selected BWTS for various types of vessels and for different Clients worldwide.... more

The project of Panama Canal new locks construction was originally scheduled for completion by October 2014.... more

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