Argo Navis Marine Consulting & Engineering Ltd. Company Argo Navis Marine Consulting & Engineering Ltd. Company Argo Navis Marine Consulting & Engineering Ltd. Company Argo Navis Marine Consulting & Engineering Ltd. Company

Studies and Consultancy

Technical Studies
ARGO NAVIS Ltd. and its associates hold and utilize the expertise and software tools to address technical problems, ranging from steel structure strength calculations to outfitting and machinery conversion or upgrading studies.

Environmental regulations related studies and consultation
Consultation on the Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) and Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) is a field of services, developed by ARGO NAVIS Ltd. on the basis of the needs of our clients.

Regarding BWTS, we provide decision making supporting services in the form of techno-economic and feasibility studies, the former based on offers requested by the complete range of active in the market makers while the latter on onsite inspection and 3D laser scanning, if needed, of the candidate and available spaces of the vessel.

ARGO NAVIS Ltd. is fully prepared to proceed with the engineering detailed study for the installation of the system in case of retrofits – or support the makers with engineering services while dealing with the new building shipyards.

In the case of EGCS, ARGO NAVIS Ltd. offers techno-economic studies to support the owner’s investment plan. 

Ship efficiency upgrade related services
ARGO NAVIS Ltd. offers the service of 3D Laser Scanning of the hull in case same is required by the supplier of MEWIS or SCHNEEKLUTH Ducts
ARGO NAVIS Ltd. can contribute in the engineering and supervision works of any modification project such as the replacement of the bulbous bow.

The work done by professionals who have spent years working as superintendent engineers, includes the drafting of specifications, budgets and tender procedures, the assessment of vessels performance, and the supervision of dry docking and ship repairs worldwide.

Safety Management & Ship Security Systems
Consultation services on ISM and ISPS compliant systems are included in the fields of our past experience.

Manual Preparation
We develop and issue the following manuals, subject to Class approval:

  • Procedures and Arrangements Manual (P&A)               
  • V.E.C.S. Manual
  • C.O.W. Manual
  • Cargo Securing Manual
  • Emergency Towing Manual
  • Ballast Exchange Procedure Manual
  • Ship’s Energy Efficiency Management Plan

Ship Building Contract & Specification Review, Plan Approval
One of the key services offered by ARGO NAVIS reviewing and commenting on shipbuilding technical specifications, contracts, and equipment manufacturers’ technical agreements.

New Buildings Guarantee Claims' Handling
We handle, on behalf of the Owner, the claims of the vessel arising during the guarantee period.  This service includes correspondence with the building shipyard and attendance on board the vessel for verification of the claims. 

Argo Navis YouTube Channel
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Running Projects
Argo Navis Ltd. has been performing engineering studies for one finally selected system per vessel, based on available documentation and onboard survey results. ... more

Argo Navis Ltd. has been performing feasibility studies for retrofitting installation of pre-selected BWTS for various types of vessels and for different Clients worldwide.... more

The project of Panama Canal new locks construction was originally scheduled for completion by October 2014.... more

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