AI based imaging analysis of your hull’s condition using our advanced ROV

Argo Navis’ HCAR service helps owners reduce vessel carbon intensity and achieve their environmental targets.

Standardized Reports

Monitor hull condition over time, generate vessel and fleet KPIs.

Worldwide Coverage

Quick response time, global availability thanks to Notilo Plus service network.

Online and Exportable Data

Manage your fleet using backend system, export hull assessment data using API

Valuable Insights

Compare vessels, forecast hull cleaning schedule, estimate fuel consumption.

Pros and cons of diver inspection vs. Argo Navis HCAR service

Find out how our HCAR service compares with traditional inspections using divers.


  • Cost – Our hull inspection service is cheaper than calling for a dedicated diver.
  • Response Time – A technician and ROV are always available globally and at short notice.
  • Reporting – Accurate and inspection methodology and reports can be compared over time. Preliminary hull inspection reports ready within the day.
  • Expertise – Argo Navis energy efficiency experts offer in depth energy efficiency consulting services after each hull inspection.


  • ROV Limits – Hull inspection limited to ROV operational capabilities. ROV cannot be deployed in strong currents.
  • Divers may carry out other measurements and works, such as shaft wear down and rudder measurements, overboard valves, plugging, etc.

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