Numerical methods for Marine, Offshore and beyond.

Argo Navis analyzes everything from the smallest components and assemblies, to major equipment and structures.

Stress Analysis

Simulation of stress, strain and deformation of 1D, 2D and 3D objects.

Modal Analysis

Calculation of natural frequencies and modal shapes to avoid resonance.

Harmonic Analysis

Prediction of vibration response in the frequency domain.

Buckling Analysis

Computation of the ultimate load capacity of complex structures.

We do more than crunch numbers.

Argo Navis uses its mechanical and design engineering prowess to help shipping companies make better decisions.

Optimizing Safety and Performance

We use virtual prototyping to optimize safety and performance early in the design phase.

Reducing Dev Time and Costs

We help create more efficient, lower-risk design and fabrication cycles for your components.

Assisting Reviews and Approvals

Our accurate visuals and concise reporting reduce plan approval time for newbuildings and retrofits.

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